Cory D. Shelton

“Cory’s passion for safety and the role of leaders shines through in everything he does. One of his strengths is in deeply listening to people to fully understand issues. This allows him to build connections and relationships that enable him to provide feedback and coaching to change behaviours. He looks for opportunities to continuously share knowledge and build capability through both formal and informal vehicles. He is committed to doing the right thing.”    BP Executive


Cory Shelton has deep expertise in safety, safety leadership and culture, behavioral science, major accident risk reduction and coaching.  For over a decade, he held the role of Director of Leadership, Safety and Operational Risk; helping leaders address personal and process safety challenges through leader and workforce behavioral solutions globally. This involved development of diagnostic tools, guidance notes and training programmes that include coaching, safety leadership, behavioral safety and safety culture.

BP_00001His 30+ year career with BP involved a variety of technical and operations support roles. The diversity of work fronts include oil and gas drilling and production in offshore, arctic to desert environments, pipeline and distribution operations, refineries, chemical plants, solar manufacturing plants, shipping, lubricants and retail operations. He has successfully worked across the globe in remote areas from Alaska to Argentina, North Sea to South Africa and Shanghai to Australia.

His passion is developing practical approaches to helping leaders establish and sustain a safe operating culture by using expertise in behavioral science and his background in engineering, projects, and operations in the oil and gas industry.

Areas of specialization and approach

Solutions that can be applied across diverse global clients, leadership assessment, training and systems, coaching, tools, culture assessment and improvement and application of fundamental behavioral science to address critical issues.

Career Background

Corporate role in developing strategies to support improvements in leadership, culture and behaviors.  Previous roles as a petroleum engineer, facilities engineer (production and pipelines), corrosion engineering, investigations, emergency response management, joint venture oversight and influence, major accident risk assessment and reduction.